Saturday, 15 September 2012

Weekender - Day 4

We're going to have to send out for more tape by the end of the race as Vicky is now taping nearly every toe to prevent any further blister damage. The taping yesterday it worked just perfectly for her and hopefully that will be the last of her blister worries. For those of you looking in from the Aspire Gym, in Cardiff - she's doing just great and by the end of the week we might just get her out of those shocking orthotics!

Moving onto the ankles... well that's another story as Craig has mildy cooking shins that look a slightly mild salmon pink. Luckily he has lots of spirit and good humour so hopefully it will only be a short lived problem for him... Vicky's are not pink and she says she's not in pain today. Both are now running in their Brooks trainers so let's hope this stops any further issues.

It didn't stop either of them running away from the start and when we passed them on the way to Ballinamore they were quite happily clipping along at a steady 9-10 minute mile pace.

Cathal and Jenni (We think She's the Darkhorse of the Race) will be starting an hour later to keep them all nicely together later on in the day...

Gotta go as the first two are here at CP1... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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