Thursday, 20 September 2012

6.6 miles to go for our Vicky...

Well our Vicky has just over six miles to complete one of the toughest days of her life... and my word has she stuck at it today. Her ankle looks really hurty and you guys at the Aspire Fitness Gym in Cardiff, I reckon Vicky's your toughest member... she's a real fighter and hopefully you are willing her on just as much as we are!

8pm should see her here in the heart of Macroom... we are going to cover the last couple of miles in with her as it will be getting dark by then and we want her here safe and sound so she can get out on the road to do it all again tomorrow... how nice of us eh?

Thing is, there's only 55 miles to do from here and we can keep her going round the clock now if we need to so she makes to the finish.

That's going to be SOME achievement and some celebration I can tell you... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


  1. Tough applies to all three on this challenge although it's a shame that Vicky's ankle has gotten in the way of her running, I know that she is annoyed that it has been a battle against pain and not ability. The last two legs (no pun intended!)are going to be ugh, even though so near it's so far. Hobbling (I've just spoken to Vicky) is not the easiest mode of locomotion so we willing her on is a real "must". Steve

  2. C'mon Vicky. I hope the beautiful countryside is distracting you a bit from the pain you are in :). We are both willing you on every step of the way. Lots of love Lorraine & Pete xxxx

  3. I know you all know about pain killers so sorry if you don't need this info-the good ones have run out so I'm told but the next best thing, over the counter, would be co-codamol (or panadol ultra which is the same thing) or solpadeine. Supermarkets and Boots! Steve

  4. Vicky you're the toughest by a mile, now make it 345! Well done all.

  5. well done everybody what a achievement.