Sunday, 16 September 2012

And then there were three...

At CP2 Vicky had just been caught by Cathal and Jenni just before reaching Athlone. Patches of bright sunshine following dark periods of clouds and light rain providing good weather to keep them all clipping along at a good pace.

Vicky had set her sights on completing the day ahead of the others but on reflection with us at the checkpoint agreed to just run her own race, at her own pace. With her new improved map reading skills (they couldn't get much worse!!!) she is gaining in confidence with every day. It's great to watch and by the end of the event will finally realise just how good a runner she actually is...

Craig has been with us supporting the other runners and it looks like he will be off tomorrow now, possibly following a few jars across the road from the finish in Flynn's Bar... I've just been past and quite a few locals are pretty merry already.

Anyway, more when the runners get here and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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  1. Just back from honeymoon and was looking for a project, I am following you peeps every day now so you are being stalked all the way to the finish, keep going and enjoy every step.