Saturday, 22 September 2012

Last Day of M2M

For this of you with insomnia this morning, 'Well Hello' from our sleeperbus in Carrus just 20 miles from Malin Head. We've already set Vicky off on her way just before 3am... (no I am not punching her in the picture, it's there to show the time). And we are marked out on the route all the way to Golean, only 10km from the finish.

Just over an hour ago Vicky had covered 3.8 miles so she looks set to get to Mizen Head sometime just after 9am, so Lorraine and Pete... if you are watching please get to the finish in good time to see Vicky's triumphant arrival.

The rest of the guys will be heading off at 7am and on a no-stop-strategy to the finish and hopefully will be there around 10am.

We'll be taking lots of pictures at the finish and will try and post these later as we have to travel to Rosslare during the day to catch the ferry back to God's Country. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


  1. sleep deprivation too! For all of you! Bet you are all knackered but well worth it now as the run reaches its climax. Spoke to Vicky at 5am still marching on! Looking forward to the finish now. Steve

  2. We're on our way! Mizen Head for 9am it is........

  3. spoke to Vicky at 8 am who was in good spirits and now has company again-her brother Pete! Better than being solitary for sure. Only about 10k to go. Steve

  4. Well done and a big pat on the back to you all.....lie in for Vicky tomorrow I hope!and you all...
    See you soon Vicky

  5. Great feet and feat all!
    Not too far to go.
    Cheers, Rob Y

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