Sunday, 12 June 2011

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

Wow, what an unbelievable week this has been. Now it’s over it seems like it went by in a flash, but at times it felt interminable. My overwhelming memory of the week is how incredible my support team were and that there is absolutely no way I could have achieved what I did without them…

Every time I took a rest they were like a well-oiled machine - a witness was waiting to sign the book, my bag was taken and filled with food, drink, painkillers and maps, the bed was ready and waiting as was Paul with his massage oil, food was placed on my lap and my Garmin and MP3 were removed and charged. Unbelievable when I look back at how slick the whole operation was. I should have felt like Lady Muck but I was just too exhausted.

Thank You doesn’t even touch the surface for the Dream Team…

I am going to write a ‘Race Report’ of the event this week while it is still fresh in my memory, but needless to say that is the toughest and most excruciating thing I have done by a country mile and thank you so much for all your lovely messages – they really helped to keep me going.

I still can’t quite believe we did it - guessing it will take a little time to sink in. For now I’m looking forward to staying dry and spending some time out with Rorz.

Thanks again to you all for your wonderful messages of support - I’ll post a link to my race report on here when it’s finished.

Jen xxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Jenny is the best 'In the world' tonight as she crossed the finish line of her 345 mile run from Ireland's Malin Head to in Mizen Head in 4days, 23hrs, 3mins and 10seconds. Her record being that of being 'The Fastest Crossing of Ireland - by foot'.

Congratulations from all of us in your team and especially from me as I think you are an amazing wonderful woman.

Bed beckons for us all now as we are all very tired and have a long drive to Dublin so we can come home tomorrow night... nothing's easy eh?'

I know Jenny will add her own comments here but It really was great to be a part of history in the making. Lou and Paul are just amazingly talented people.

More in the morning... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Greatest Day - Take That

We are watching the history books being re-written as in just 10km, Jenny will be the World Record holder for Running the length of Ireland in the quickest time.

And boy she deserved it!

More when she gets there.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

The Race - Yelo

As the countdown continues to 8 miles to go, we follow Jenny in the dark herding her to the finish...

We are just willing her on now as much as we can...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

The Final Countdown - 10 to go

Jenny is about to go into single figures... Yep there's less than 10 miles to go on this journey of a lifetime on a day she will
NEVER forget.

Her focus is relentless... And yes she is STILL running.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

4am Eternal - 13.1 miles

It's hard work, she's tired and aching but so determined right now.

The sleepmonsters are there and the fog us drawing in but she will be there in less than 5 days...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Take it to the limit - The Eagles

My word this is now mind games for Jenny as she has 16.2 miles to go and says her legs are tired... Not surprising really as she has 64 miles completed today so far.

She's still running!

We are still holding our breath here...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

19 - Paul Hardcastle

We really have begun the countdown now as it's less than a twenty miler to go for Jenny.

She's still running and still on target to finish around 4am perhaps...@

We're holding our breath...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

River Deep Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner

Jenny is now at 50 miles for the day and running hard towards Bantry. We are at the 30.1 mile point which she will pass very soon.

The aim is to get 65 in before midnight and the rest in before 5am.

It looks ok on her current schedule and we are endeavouring to keep her on a safe pace.

The Mizen Head tourism guys are coming out at whatever time we need them so we can get the record witnessed.

More from Bantry...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Where the streets have no name - U2 - 37 miles to go

We are in the back end of beyond where it would be possible for me to run around naked and not be seen by a soul (except the team and a truck load of sheep). There is some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. A wicked place to come and bring a mountain bike... that would not be ridden naked!!!!!!

Jen shortened her rest from 1 hr to 30 mins such is her mindset and determination at the moment... therefore we obligingly fueled her and kicked her back out into the wilderness.

37 miles to go... Mizen Head watch out because there is a steam train wearing a high visability vest coming your way!!!!! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Don't look back - Boston - 39.8 miles left

There's no looking back for Jenny now as she has less than 40 miles to go when she gets to us here at her first major stopover of the day where she will get an hour's well earned rest. She is experiencing some extremely hilly roads along the way coupled with some extraordinary weather of hail and bright sunshine.

She doesn't seem to be too worried though as the miles are being rattled off and she is very upbeat every time we see her. Bantry beckons where we can pick up some more supplies and prepare for the last 20 assault on Mizen Head. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars

Jenny's just arrived at the 25.7 mile point and is having a 30 minute break before getting back out on the road at 2pm. Her time running is now spent calculating when she is going to get to the finish. This is a very delicate equation with a minefield of combinations that her accounting skills are helping with no-end I am sure - all that hard work for your accountancy exams was for this day Jenny!

Let's she how she is at 36 miles... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

If you wanted to know where we have been, we've been in radio silence around Banteer... not even a couple of tin cans and string work in those parts, I can tell you. Luckily for us, normal service has been resumed in a farmer's yard near a big 3G mast on the way to Macroom.

I will keep you posted and please don't Bookface me saying that you want an update as that slows my pathetic Vodaphone dongle down and fills my inbox even more. We want you to be part of this with us...

Anyway, back to business and we are waiting at the 69.8 mile point for Jenny who is running really well this morning. She was thru Banteer the last time we saw her. If you want to see where she is going, try the maps on our M2M page with the links for the maps that we are using for the September event. Otherwise just put Banteer and Mizen Head into Google and it will give you the route.

With all that explained you are back in the loop. Paul has just prodden in a huge cowpat btw and is currently cleaning it, hopefully not with his toothbrush!

More when Jenny gets here as it's coffee time here for us. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Greatest Day - Take That

The morning is here - today Jenny is going to get that Guinness World Record! We are playing Greatest Day as Paul works in her tired feet in preparation for the 7am start.

There's 80 miles left...

We are in 'The Middle of Nowhere'... And if anyone ever says to you that somewhere is 'in the middle of nowhere, it isn't... As we are! It was so dark last night!

Please stay with us today and we'll keep you posted.

- - home of Ireland M2M ULTRA.

Goodnight Girl - Wet Wet Wet

Phew... Jenny's finished for this long session to complete the days mileage. I was really relieved as the roads have new tarmac and it was extremely slippery in places.

Paul is now working on her until 0245hrs then it's bed up at 0600hrs and off at 0700hrs we are hoping.

Then it's a long hard slog to the finish... What a day! And hope you are back with us tomorrow. Jenny says thanks for ALL your good luck wishes.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Night Games - Rainbow

This has to be the darkest most remote part of Ireland we are in right now. We are up in front making sure that Jenny accompanied by Lou on the bike take the right route.

Currently - Ordnance Survey, Tom Tom and iPhone are keeping us on the straight and narrow. To make matters worse - Rod Bloody Stewart has just piped up on the only radio station alive! Never was a big fan...

Anyway, SuperJen is just about done fir the day and there's not much point running her into the night any further. She needs some well earned sleep and rest...

More when we stop... A good lay-by and we'll all be happy for some zzzz's.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Black Night - Deep Purple

Couldn't get her going in Kilmalloch, couldn't stop her through Dromina... the rollercoaster of mind over matter is now really becoming noticed. She's actually better on her own as when she is, there are no distractions and she gets on with the job in hand, brilliantly.

I can't tell you how hard it is to drive on when it's tough and there's tears flowing. It's very hard to watch.

Best bit is the team all know what they have to do to keep her moving and if Ferrari are looking for new pit crew, we are available... Although not for another day eh?

Lou is going on this stretch with her as it's pitch black and they can banter the miles away.

We are stopping in Kanturk, for a short stopover till the morning. More from there...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Cruel to be kind - Dave Edmunds

WOW!!!!! what a day Jen has had. This morning she was doing her best impression of the tin man, I have seen ironing boards that are more flexible and agile...but with a little bit of TLC she was straight off into her stride.

There has been some stunning scenery to break the monotony for her today, with a fair number of hills to keep her occupied.

Jen had a bit of a stutter around 44 miles...but with a bit of tough love, and a radio interview she was evicted from mission control back out onto the streets.

We caught up with her flying along the route.....that will be the drugs then...they are great things(don't worry Jen's Mum and Dad... I hear the Priory have very good reputation).

We are currently sat at the 60 mile point for today waiting for her to arrive for some hot food, a massage(Paul has his big stick out) and a quick snooze before one more stint tonight to get her out to 70 miles completed today.

Currently she has only got 86.4 miles left before she completes this most amazing adventure having already done 263 miles.

When I completed the 2009 MdS I had One moment in time-Whitney Houston playing on my ipod(no giggling now) and the poignant line that sticks with me is :"when I'm all that I thought I could be..." At the end of running tomorrow we all know Jen will be saying that at that moment in time she is all she can be....a world record holder, and our hero. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Mind Games - Foreigner

With just 101 miles to go - the countdown to the finish has started along with the mind games that she has to go thru to get this last part of the record in the bag. She's got 44.5 miles in today and we've set her 50 miles as a target to the next feed/sleep/massage/ sort out the monster blister in the pic break.

Anyone who has done this type of run will know that the 42-44 mile point seems to be a real wall to get thru and it's really easy to faff and waste valuable time. This part of the day is the hardest for her it seems.

It's our job now to keep Jenny's focus for her, as it's best for her to cover as much as she can in the daylight as darkness is her biggest threat to motivation.

We'll keep blogging just as long as she's running tonight so don't go anywhere... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Sleepwalk - ULTRAvox

Jenny did 10 miles with Lou until the food and pain wheels fell off and she needed a good rest and refuelling. Paul worked on her, to great effect as she said it was the best butt massage EVER! (I have taken note!)... and after a good half hour sleep she is back out on the road running.

We are now looking closely at the strategy for the rest of the record as where she rested it was 112 miles to Mizen Head. More of that correlation at the next stop.

Hey - Maybe we should have a sweepstake on what time people think she will finish?

Winner gets a free entry into an ULTRArace one day event of their choice! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Steam - Peter Gabriel

A 10 minute power nap at 22 miles did the trick for Jenny... she came into us looking strong but saying she was very tired. So we combined this with a food stop on the move back out on the road from us with Jenny eating Tuna and Pasta as she went off accompanied by Lou on her bike.

Paul and I have moved on to Bruff at 35 miles and are parked under the biggest 3G reflector in Ireland... let's see if our Vodafone dongle can see that one eh? I am looking to buy it a Guide Dog the coverage is so bad :-(

Anyway, this is the 240th mile which means she will soon be running with less than 100 miles to go, sounds easy doesn't it but it's going to be energy to keep going versus sleep needed.

She has her own thoughts on what she wants to do and we are going to support her all the way into Mizen. I do know it's going to be a very, very late night so I hope you will keep following her progress.

More when she's been into us here... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Here comes the Sun - The Beatles

We are currently waiting for Jenny, who is thru Morroe and on her way to us at 22 miles precisely. The route twisted and turned for the last couple of miles but she is making good speed and follows the route marking we do excellently.

Getting here she will have just over 120 to go...

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

We passed Jenny at the 5 mile point today, merrily running along - not bad for her first hour of the day. She has a 1:8 hill to negotiate before she gets to us at the 11 mile point.

This Lady is not for stopping and she is looking to run right thru the day. She says she can cope with the running, it's the morning rigamortis that she dreads. Let's hope there's only one more start like the one we had today to overcome. It was overwhelming to watch as Paul kick started her this morning... Her whole mindset changed in less than an hour. She really wants this record!

The best lift for her was looking at the map and seeing just how far she has come...

Mary and Sir Michael, be very proud of your Jenny - she's such an inspiration and made of Pure Welsh Steel. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Solid as a Rock - Ashford

Good morning from Nenagh where Jenny's body has been transformed in an hour
from can't move - won't move into 'I am looking forward to getting going now'. Thank heavens we have Paul White with us here on this journey. He has magic fingers and we LOVE him.

Jenny is just setting off and doing her last 5 minutes of faffing...

All systems are go and we are trying to tempt her with some food... a couple of 9bars is all we can tempt her with.

More from 10 miles - oh? the weather - guess what it's pi55ing down...again! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Beautiful People - Chris Brown

It was 2312hrs when Super Jenny arrived at Tesco in Nenagh to finish her 61.55 mile day out on the road.

That gives her a massive 201 miles completed so far...

She's tired and in need of some sleep now as it's been one heck of a journey into the finish tonight. I know I have gone on about the weather but it really has been the biggest battle, it's been such a shocker. It's a shame as she is such a sun lover and a heatwave would suit her no end! Please let's have an easier day tomorrow.

We are now battening down the hatches and are going to go to bed too.

Hope you have enjoyed the coverage today and will be back with us at an optimistic 0600hrs start in the morning. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Silent Running - Mike and the Mechanics

It's been a busier one for us than Jenny for the last two hours as our passenger door window wouldn't go back up again! Luckily for us Seamus Lillis came to our salvation and managed to get the window back up again. It only took 4 houses, 3 people and a phone call to find him... but in Borrisokane, everyone knows everyone... that we found out.

Oh Jenny? Well she's just cracking along and due to some fantastic hospitality from Cath McCarthy at the 24hr TESCO Superstore in Nenagh, we have power and a place to stay until the morning in.

Our Jenny's tired but so determined and we expect her here at 2330hrs to get 61.7 miles in for the day.

More when she arrives... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Better the devil you know - Kylie Minogue

A huge thank you to Richard Donovan(the current men's record holder) for taking time out to come and see Jen and run alongside her for 23 miles....23 long, straight boring miles, which he knows well having done this twice. I think the chat and company was a welcome break from the monotony of the also meant that it was not only Jen who was being drenched by Ireland's version of summer!!!!!! well....there was no way that Rory was exiting the motor home, we had enough trouble getting him out to fill the home with fuel....pussy.

Whilst waiting for Jen to arrive for her scheduled meal break, Rory took some time out to do an impression of a corpse, whilst Paul and I looked on in horror at the woman who tried to park her Skoda into a bush at 70mph (yes I'm using mph....none of this EU km tripe.

Jen is in good spirits, has been fed and watered and looks as though the has smoked a spliff the size of Ireland...but don't worry, that is just the pain killers...we are reserving the spliff for the finish!!!!

16 miles to go until we reach todays target. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Armed and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy

It's a good job that Richard was with Jenny on the run into the 44.3 mile pitstop as it really kept the pace up. In torrential rain they did 6mph and clattered out 12 miles in double quick time.

We are starting to feel that we are like 'The Adams Family' as the rain clouds follow us wherever we go but we'll just live with that for the next few days.

Thanks for all of your messages of good luck btw. We read everyone of them and you help Jenny loads with your encouragement.

More at the double marathon stage... lastly the comments have been enabled so you can leave messages here too. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Every step you take - The Police

We have just had Jenny, still accompanied by Richard Donovan, thru the 32.7 mile food-stop. Here whilst she ate we went to work on her tiring tootsies and patched them up.

They look horrible normally so please don't be too alarmed... they look really good for her! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Record Breakers - Roy Castle

What perfect timing as just as Jenny came into her lunch stop at 21.7 miles, Current World Record Holder, Richard Donovan arrived. After a brief stop and some photos and witnessing, they left togther towards Banagher.

Richard said that it all brought flashbacks to him as he remembered his own run when he set the record. Jenny looked happy to have the company and they will no doubt have a good chat as they continue onto the next checkpoint at 33 miles today... well over the halway point of our scheduled 60 miles.

More from there... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Cold - The Pines

It's chilly but not raining but who cares, we've even had some sunshine! As for Jenny, she's been running really well and she stopped for some surgery to her compression socks only at 9.2 miles. A V shaped cut in the bottom of the cuff is now allowing her Achilles to breathe. A good thing as she swears by her Compressport Gear.

We are off to 22 miles to cook up her first lunch of the day as Food is Mood! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

I feel good - James Brown home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Top of the morning to 3.
Jen is currently having her toes taped, they are in pretty good condition with just a few blisters to contend with. The legs are feeling 'brilliant' and she says she is going to give Usain Bolt a run for his money out Usain.

Coffee and food on board, time to dress and go.

Let's get ready to rumble - PJ and Duncan

It's 0555hrs and Jenny is receiving some TLC from Paul White before she hits the road at 0630hrs this morning. The soles of her feet are quite bruised as you'd expect and have stiffened up over night but are 'ok'. In fact Jenny has just piped up, 'It's not prohibitative', which in I interpret as, they are going to be fine.

She's very chipper and is looking forward to getting thru the 200 mile barrier and the half way point. Also, the good news is, it's not raining. I will be uploading more pictures when I can get some Wifi or can Hard-wire in.

More from the road later. Oh, Jenny says 'Hello' to Mum and Dad, (Mary and Sir Michael Salter). home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The long and winding road home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

And so day 2 draws to a close. 71.09 miles in the bag today, what a great performance she has put in today, as has the team with a minor blip with lack of food and sore feet fixed, and the use of a bike and the camcorder for the last 2 miles when the Garmin was threatning to die. Who says women can't multi-task?

Rory has now become an expert at spinning a marquee on wheels with the turning circle of the QM 2... by the end of the week he will be able to reverse it blindfolded up any passage!!!!! "Stand clear of the moving vehicle".

Jen is in flantastic shape going into day 3. Just 1/2 small blisters and legs that are being revitalised as we speak.

Day and Night - U2

At 2240hrs Jenny arrived at Doyle's Pub in Keenagh to finish 71.09 miles of running today. WHAT AN AMAZING RUN... the only thing that kept up with her today was her Garmin, which lasted the whole of the run amazingly.

She finished full of smiles and Landlady Tess and the locals greeted her in with amazed looks on their faces. Jenny is having a well earned shower and hot dinner (cooked by me, God help her) before a session on the legs with Paul and lights out before midnight.

A 6am start was mentioned earlier on and 50-60 miles is on the cards perhaps tomorrow.

140 miles complete now with 205 miles to go.

She is just totally AWESOME and I am SO proud of her today. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Blowing Free - Wishbone Ash

The food did her the world of good as she rallied well and had her best six miles of the day. A wonderful rainbow greeted her into Longford and the worries are over for us... Phew.

Eight to go to get 70 in for the day. Eta 2230hrs. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Time for Action - Secret Affair

We just first fuel on empty wobble of the run. With Jenny coming into Drumlinsh she was complaining of a numb and aching foot. We went back and massaged and re-taped her toes which really helped.

What was more noticeable to us was that she had run out of fuel. A cup of Coffee and some food aboard and she was off running down the road again, in good spirits. She has 14 miles left to do today... It was sad to see her so upset...

And again, (sorry Mary), it's pissing down. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Purple Rain - Prince

It's more blue here as in the air type as it's raining YET AGAIN! Jenny is well wrapped up against the elements and we are at 53.2 miles waiting for her arrival. She has asked for dinner at 60 miles!

She will be here in about an hour we hope... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

On the road again - Canned Heat

Following a good late lunch break of 90 minutes Jenny hit the road again at 1345hrs to add another 21 miles to the 34 plus run in this mornings session. She looks and sounds, more importantly in good shape and Paul's massage magic is really doing the business.

We are now thru Ballinamore and Jenny is on the R202 coming into town. She has a bonus tomorrow as Richard Donovan, the current Guinness World Record holder is coming to see her... all the way from Galway.

ULTRA runners are exceptional people eh? home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Half way to paradise - Bobby Vinton

We are waiting at just over the halfway point at Ballinamore. Courtesy of Martin Coaches we have uploaded pictures and are able to bring you bang up to date with Jenny's progress. At her last pit-stop at 26 miles she looked in great shape and says that the different trainer heights are combating her differing leg lengths and road camber issues.

This means a pain free run so far today for the Super Running Bunny.

There were a few foothills to overcome as we went over the border into Eire but all systems are go right now and she will be resting here for an hour and a half before resuming on the rest of today's mileage.

More when she gets here no doubt. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

What a difference a day makes

Let there be sunshine!!!!! As tempted as I was this morning to do a rain dance because I know how much Rory likes the rain, the sun was much more appealing.
Jen is going great guns this morning.. Man this girl can run, I reckon in a battle between her and the energiser bunny Jen would an by a country mile!!
I have just been out on the bike through Enniskillen collecting witness signatures for the good fellas at Guinness, but having just seen Jen through the city centre we have just realised that we have parked right next to the prison...... Only 1 million security cameras to capture it all on then!!!
Onwards my trust steed to Ballinamore.

What’s the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

What’s the story Morning Glory - Oasis
A bright and early morning - WITHOUT RAIN!!! Jenny was first up to at 4am to prepare for the 5am start. After a hearty breakfast she was out on the road again exactly on time. The kindest man in Ireland, Martin Knox, set Jenny on her way and she ran off into the morning sunshine.
After a couple of miles she changed her left trainer to a UK Gear PT1000 as they are wider in the toe box than the Saucony Shoes she ran in yesterday.
Anyway all’s good so far and we are perched on the A32, following some tricky navigation on some minor roads, awaiting Miss Salter.
More from there… home of the M2M Ultra.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Steamy Windows - Tina Turner

At the end of day 1... And what an amazing day 1... We have parked upon the land of a very generous man who picked us up off the street. Now under any normal circumstances that would be illegal I'm sure, but today it was most welcome. The van's windows have steamed up... Must be the smell from Jen's feet:-)
So now time for rest, food and massage, and as for Jen, well she is on motor home cleaning duties.
A huge well done to her today, more of the same tomorrow.

It's a kinda magic - Queen

Well would you believe it Jen's finished for the day and has 68.21 miles on her personal running clock. She's in amazing condition and we are really proud with her achievements of the day. We are just to the west of Longhill and due to an enormous act of kindness by local man, Martin Knox, we have power, Wi-fi, shower and electric hook up for the night.

Martin's even drying our clothes... now there's charity to complete strangers. People here are just SO friendly.

More pasta is now being consumed and Paul will work his magic afterwards until bedtime at 10pm.

A great day 1...

Until tomorrow...

Keep on running

Just coming up to the 60 mile mark...... Man is it wet out there, It seems Rory is a bit of a fair weather fan with the quote of the day being ' that F@?#*£g rain' (imaging the accent). Thankfully Jen is made of sterner stuff and is ploughing her way through the Irish countryside.... Mind out for the heard of cows that are roaming the roads Jen!!!!! They heard you ate one of their kind for dinner last night.

Another 10 or 15 to go tonight and that will be day one done.

Love is all around - Wet Wet Wet

Jen has just arrived into her second feed station of the day at the 52.4 mile point ‘According to our TomTom’ (ATT)… and she’s in great shape. A big bowl of tuna pasta lasted seconds and she is now taking a 30 minute sleep before Paul works on her so she can hit the road again at 5pm.

I can’t put into words how much it’s raining right now… but the best I can offer is that it’s pi55ing down AGAIN!!!
More later, when we hit the road again…

Rain - The Cult

More like a Monsoon than Rain for poor Jenny here as we wait south of Bready for her to arrive thru the grey torrential rain of this Irish Summer Day. Londonderry still lively from last night made a good place for us to meet her, get witness statements and make sure she was on the right track.

Let's hope the rain goes away... I am not getting out of the Motorhome until it does and I hope that's sooner than later!

More when it's dry...


Back in the UK having spent a brief time passing the minutes in Muff. Jen has had her rub down from Paul after completing the first marathon and has just set off on her way to and through Londonderry before we are back off into the Republic for the second scheduled break.
Shortbread for the crew..... Banana and cereal for Jen, just the way it should be.

Marathon - Rush

There we go and in the aptly named MUFF, Jenny has clattered in her first Marathon. It's a lot drier now and the weather is just right for her.

She's now taking her first half hour break and fuelling up for the next four hour stint, whilst Paul goes to work on her legs.

Jenny says her feet are fine and plans to get to 50 miles around lunchtime which is her planned main break of the day. We are back in Northern Ireland in a mile or so and are heading thru Londonderry towards Strabane...

More from there...

Huston we have lift off

From Ireland's most northerly point on a glorious wet morning. The mayor is here we are here all we need is the sun. 0500hrs waterproofed up and she is off for a nice leisurely downhill start to this amazing adventure. 1hr 24 in and she's already reached Malin at 8.3 miles where we are making use of the local hotel's Wi-fi.......... Very kind of you chaps.
A little striptease on the way down but don't worry, the gloves are still on.

Start - The Jam

And She's off - straight into the rain of a Sunday morning. What happened to the heatwave eh? Mayor Michael Grant did the honours and it was all systems go at 5am exactly when she crossed the line to start this awesome adventure.

An hour in nearly and the hat and coat have gone and she is already 5.1 miles into the run...

More later - September's M2M Ultra details are on

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne

Well we’ve finally got to Malin Head and we are now ready to do ‘Battle with the Tarmac’ tomorrow at 5am. I must say that the drive from Dublin to Malin seemed an awfully long way and full of very slow drivers in some cases, so much so that we actually called ‘Mr C’s Catering’ who was towing at a shockingly slow speed to ask just how far down the N2 he was going as we looked like never reaching Derry at one stage.
We are, of course, seasoned motorhome experts now and can empty, fill, charge, cook and heat most things aboard our mobile stately home. The Seaview Tavern however beckons for one last major fill up tonight before Jenny sets off tomorrow.
Luckily local Mayor, Michael Grant, has agreed to start her off and we’ll be there to film and photograph all the action as it happens… right now she is having one last body massage from Paul to get her in peak condition for tomorrow.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sailing - Rod Stewart

Well all the training is done and the talking is over... we are in ARAF and ready to get aboard the Good Ship Stenna for a three hour crossing to Dublin. Sailing at 21.30hrs will see us into port in the early hours where we will have our first night on the Motorhome.

Talking of the Motorhome, owner Wayne, please don't worry as I know it's your first hire but we got here safe and sound without any problems. I must admit that it's like driving a Marquee, if that's a way of describing it.

Jenny's in great spirits and looking forward to 24hrs of doing nothing! 345 miles of running is not worth thinking about right now...

Anyway, ship ahoy and we're off in a couple of hours... more from Ireland.

Setting off

The motor home is all packed. Captain Coleman is at the helm for the drive to Hollyhead. Judging by the cargo I think Jen is going to be running on a pure sugar rush..... Well that and 7 pairs of trainers.
Here's hoping the Irish sea is as calm as the weather suggests it should be and we won't be needing our sea legs..... Good job really, there is not enough room for them as Rory wouldn't leave home without his cuddly toy.