Thursday, 9 June 2011

River Deep Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner

Jenny is now at 50 miles for the day and running hard towards Bantry. We are at the 30.1 mile point which she will pass very soon.

The aim is to get 65 in before midnight and the rest in before 5am.

It looks ok on her current schedule and we are endeavouring to keep her on a safe pace.

The Mizen Head tourism guys are coming out at whatever time we need them so we can get the record witnessed.

More from Bantry...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.


  1. This girl is amazing, not been able to check the blog for 24 hours so to find out just now that she is so close to finishing is amazing, brilliant job Jenny, kick on to the finish and savour the achievement...v v well done :)

  2. I am watching and waiting but I have to go to bed - exhausted by a day as a desk jockey. Keep it up to the finish. Congratulations in advance Jen on a fantastic effort.