Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Armed and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy

It's a good job that Richard was with Jenny on the run into the 44.3 mile pitstop as it really kept the pace up. In torrential rain they did 6mph and clattered out 12 miles in double quick time.

We are starting to feel that we are like 'The Adams Family' as the rain clouds follow us wherever we go but we'll just live with that for the next few days.

Thanks for all of your messages of good luck btw. We read everyone of them and you help Jenny loads with your encouragement.

More at the double marathon stage... lastly the comments have been enabled so you can leave messages here too.

www.ultrarace.co.uk home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

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  1. Well done jen, keeping up with you every step of the way! Donna x