Thursday, 9 June 2011

Greatest Day - Take That

The morning is here - today Jenny is going to get that Guinness World Record! We are playing Greatest Day as Paul works in her tired feet in preparation for the 7am start.

There's 80 miles left...

We are in 'The Middle of Nowhere'... And if anyone ever says to you that somewhere is 'in the middle of nowhere, it isn't... As we are! It was so dark last night!

Please stay with us today and we'll keep you posted.

- - home of Ireland M2M ULTRA.


  1. Go Jen Go!!!!
    What a fantastic adventure and so nearly at your triumphant finish. Will be with you all the way today. Richard and Liz x

  2. You're doing incredibly well Jen - an inspiration to us all! - Graham Clifford

  3. Go Jen, you are so almost there. Thinking of you at work today and will use lunchtime to catch up on latest blogs! This is so exciting xx Mads Lucas

  4. Jen you can smash it, you are within touching distance now reach out and grasp it and dont let go. You have a fantastic team with you and a huge goup of fans, willing you to the finish...

  5. Unbelievable, how you can keep going, You are doing an incredible job, another massive day and then party time. :-), that champagne will taste so sweet. Fantastic effort from the crew, with such support you and your team deserve all the accolades. Head down and nail it...