Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Silent Running - Mike and the Mechanics

It's been a busier one for us than Jenny for the last two hours as our passenger door window wouldn't go back up again! Luckily for us Seamus Lillis came to our salvation and managed to get the window back up again. It only took 4 houses, 3 people and a phone call to find him... but in Borrisokane, everyone knows everyone... that we found out.

Oh Jenny? Well she's just cracking along and due to some fantastic hospitality from Cath McCarthy at the 24hr TESCO Superstore in Nenagh, we have power and a place to stay until the morning in.

Our Jenny's tired but so determined and we expect her here at 2330hrs to get 61.7 miles in for the day.

More when she arrives...

www.ultrarace.co.uk home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

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