Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Better the devil you know - Kylie Minogue

A huge thank you to Richard Donovan(the current men's record holder) for taking time out to come and see Jen and run alongside her for 23 miles....23 long, straight boring miles, which he knows well having done this twice. I think the chat and company was a welcome break from the monotony of the tarmac...it also meant that it was not only Jen who was being drenched by Ireland's version of summer!!!!!! well....there was no way that Rory was exiting the motor home, we had enough trouble getting him out to fill the home with fuel....pussy.

Whilst waiting for Jen to arrive for her scheduled meal break, Rory took some time out to do an impression of a corpse, whilst Paul and I looked on in horror at the woman who tried to park her Skoda into a bush at 70mph (yes I'm using mph....none of this EU km tripe.

Jen is in good spirits, has been fed and watered and looks as though the has smoked a spliff the size of Ireland...but don't worry, that is just the pain killers...we are reserving the spliff for the finish!!!!

16 miles to go until we reach todays target.

www.ultrarace.co.uk home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.


  1. Jen, you are an utter machine!!! Keep on going, it really is inspirational stuff reading the blog every few hours. I don't envy all the rain, though at least it cooler than Morocco. Keep going, the Golden Joggers are with you!! Ben

  2. Savage work Jen. I'm always inspired reading about the challenges people take up and follow through on. I've my last LSR tomorrow morning before an IM next month, having been fairly non-sporty until a couple of years ago. It was reading tales of exceptional endurace like this that got me off the sofa. I'd love to join you for the run but doubt I'd make it back to dublin to be at my desk for 9am :). Will be thinking of you, especially if i start to slack off. Keep up the great work!