Sunday, 12 June 2011

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

Wow, what an unbelievable week this has been. Now it’s over it seems like it went by in a flash, but at times it felt interminable. My overwhelming memory of the week is how incredible my support team were and that there is absolutely no way I could have achieved what I did without them…

Every time I took a rest they were like a well-oiled machine - a witness was waiting to sign the book, my bag was taken and filled with food, drink, painkillers and maps, the bed was ready and waiting as was Paul with his massage oil, food was placed on my lap and my Garmin and MP3 were removed and charged. Unbelievable when I look back at how slick the whole operation was. I should have felt like Lady Muck but I was just too exhausted.

Thank You doesn’t even touch the surface for the Dream Team…

I am going to write a ‘Race Report’ of the event this week while it is still fresh in my memory, but needless to say that is the toughest and most excruciating thing I have done by a country mile and thank you so much for all your lovely messages – they really helped to keep me going.

I still can’t quite believe we did it - guessing it will take a little time to sink in. For now I’m looking forward to staying dry and spending some time out with Rorz.

Thanks again to you all for your wonderful messages of support - I’ll post a link to my race report on here when it’s finished.

Jen xxx


  1. Absolutely Awesome ! had a crack at this myself back in '89, can I just say how much I look forward to hearing the "nitty gritty" of your highs and lows. My sincere congratulations to you and especially your back up team.

  2. Jen,

    An awesome achievement - I was wincing in pain just reading about your journey - You are a complete star. Now, I know another podium that has got your name on ;-)


  3. You rock, Jen! A brilliant and inspiring performance.

    I hope you feel as fantastic as you should.

    I'm hugely looking forward to reading your race report.