Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cruel to be kind - Dave Edmunds

WOW!!!!! what a day Jen has had. This morning she was doing her best impression of the tin man, I have seen ironing boards that are more flexible and agile...but with a little bit of TLC she was straight off into her stride.

There has been some stunning scenery to break the monotony for her today, with a fair number of hills to keep her occupied.

Jen had a bit of a stutter around 44 miles...but with a bit of tough love, and a radio interview she was evicted from mission control back out onto the streets.

We caught up with her flying along the route.....that will be the drugs then...they are great things(don't worry Jen's Mum and Dad... I hear the Priory have very good reputation).

We are currently sat at the 60 mile point for today waiting for her to arrive for some hot food, a massage(Paul has his big stick out) and a quick snooze before one more stint tonight to get her out to 70 miles completed today.

Currently she has only got 86.4 miles left before she completes this most amazing adventure having already done 263 miles.

When I completed the 2009 MdS I had One moment in time-Whitney Houston playing on my ipod(no giggling now) and the poignant line that sticks with me is :"when I'm all that I thought I could be..." At the end of running tomorrow we all know Jen will be saying that at that moment in time she is all she can be....a world record holder, and our hero. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.


  1. Almost there Jen! In comparison to what you've done so far, what's left is a mere 'fun' run!! Enjoy your moment, I can't believe what you will have done to this record. This time tomorrow you'll be on champagne recovery shakes. Keep going, dig in, the end is in sight!

    Good work support crew too. Keep her legs moving!!


  2. Jen,

    Absolutely awesome. Utterly inspirational. All that and a lovely human being, even more important in my book.

    As for the old fella, having read his blog today I think he's so proud and rightly so.

    Da Iawn Jen!

    Love, Dan