Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let's get ready to rumble - PJ and Duncan

It's 0555hrs and Jenny is receiving some TLC from Paul White before she hits the road at 0630hrs this morning. The soles of her feet are quite bruised as you'd expect and have stiffened up over night but are 'ok'. In fact Jenny has just piped up, 'It's not prohibitative', which in I interpret as, they are going to be fine.

She's very chipper and is looking forward to getting thru the 200 mile barrier and the half way point. Also, the good news is, it's not raining. I will be uploading more pictures when I can get some Wifi or can Hard-wire in.

More from the road later. Oh, Jenny says 'Hello' to Mum and Dad, (Mary and Sir Michael Salter).

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