Saturday, 24 September 2011

All finished

Its celebrations all the way here and everyone is in. It's been an amazing day for everyone and one we will remember for a long time to come.

As they say, 'Today could be the greatest day of your life'... it has been for 9 people today.

We hope you have enjoyed the race coverage and entries are already filling for next year's event... until next time from Mizen Head bye for now! - The Home of ULTRArunning.
Location:Mizen Head

Message from GED

This December will be the 10th anniversary of my Nan passing away. I have run every step to honour her memory and hope I have done her proud.

I am certainly proud to say I am her grandson. She hailed from Dublin and I felt like she was watching over me and driving me on.

Agnes Hargreaves R.I.P


Nan, you will never be forgotten and remain in our hearts and minds forever. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Mizen Head

GED Wins!

He's here and he's the Champion! What an unbelievable run... Tears all round for a Super Superman... - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Mizen Head

Q And Lizzie Finish

First two finishers have made it in and they are delighted!

It's been pain and laughter all the way... It's been so worth it said Lizzie... For Q, he said he went well beyond his limits... But it was being with
wonderful people that got him here. It's the best day of my life. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Mizen Head

The Final Countdown

It's excitement all round as we await the 9 runners due in to finish the first M2M Ultra.

All the hours and days of running stop right here...

Its a beautiful day and wonderful day... - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Mizen Head

The Final Countdown...

Excitement all round at today's M2MUltra finish as we await - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Mizen Head

3am Eternal

Q and Lizzie set off smack on 3am for the final push on to Mizen Head. Both in high spirits, both knowing it will take some time to get to the finish - maybe 7 hours.

Determination, hardly describes what it took for both of them to get going this morning. Heroic
Is probably nearer the mark. Bethany is next off at 6am... - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Ged home and dry...

Well it's in the bag for Ged now as we stopover tonight just 19.99 miles from Mizen Head. He won the stage today of course in a great time of 5hrs and 25mins... not bad for 35 miles really on any day! He blew away Chris and Russell who still running together made it in some 85 minutes later.

Rick Bachor ran slightly faster than Chris and Russell by 3 minutes and Michelle and Claire were in just 30 minutes apart in just over 8 hrs. Bethany clocked up another consistent 10 hour job and as I write Q and Lizzie will just be finishing in just under 14 hours... ouch! What a long day for them both...

Tomorrow we are looking to finish the race between 11 and midday so it's a very early start all round - but it does mean we can celebrate earlier in the day! More then as the 3G signal down here is very poor and we might only upload from the finish at Mizen perhaps.

Night night from the Sleeperbus in Dorrus! home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

4.4 left

Geds long gone thru as has Rick, Russell, Chris and Claire. Next is Michelle as we turn for Mizen at Sheeps Head.

Less than 4.4 to the days finish. Best one is that someone just asked Michelle for directions down the road from where we are... She actually told them that she knew the way and pointed them in the right direction. Obviously the 10 day map reading course worked.

Well I'd like to say that but in fact she told them the wrong way! - The Home of ULTRArunning.


14 to go today

GED is back on form and has a little over 14 to go. All are thru our 15 mile mountain checkpoint and are cursing along.

Word is, no more hills please! - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Got to have faith...

As George Michael sang... 'You got to have faith'... Yes you guessed our Claire us just FINE. She came into the 10 mile CP just after Bethany, Liz and a very upbeat Q.

They can smell the finish me thinks... Rick then Michelle due next... - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Coolyhane Rd,,Ireland

Slimming World Shares Crash...

Yep... Chris is cancelling his subscription, he says 10 days and he's hit his target weight. Maybe the M2M Ultra is the solution to the countries obesity problem?

Wendy Whistler, take a good look at your man, he's looking AWESOME! home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Happy Birthday Michelle...

What a great way of spending your 44th Birthday eh? Michelle loved her cake and card from the runners and crew and we'll be celebrating tonight when we get to the stage finish. Let's hope that her knees are equally sympathetic and give her a birthday break. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Tears for Claire...

Hard start for Claire today as she is struggling with her ankle and an upset tummy... she's a tough Ol' Gal though and got herself straight and motivated to engage the first big hill out of Macroom. One more day is do-able for her and hopefully she will see the light at the end of the tunnel as she moves on thru the day.

We all know that she can make it to Mizen - but she has to as well. We will keep a good eye on her today and no doubt she will be all smiles at CP1. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Wrong shoes Gromit...

Not quite sure what Q was thinking this morning as he put a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 17 on his battered feet. It must be a bit of morning madness.... He did less than a mile in total pain until he changed back into his UK Gear PT1000's (to his great relief) to go up the MASSIVE hill out of Macroom this morning.

Seeing a grown man on his knees trying to get up from the road using sticks and Lizzie to get him upright was almost too much ... his face was a picture, when he got going again.

Let's hope the shoes help him to the finish in good time eh? home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Let the games commence...

It's 35 miles today for the M2M Ultra Warriors over some if the biggest mountains of Ireland. It's going to be a life defining day for some of them...

For some, it's going to be pure hell... Q said he knows he has to 'Pull something out of the bag today'... he and Lizzie go in 15 minutes... good weather will help them on their way.

Let battle begin! - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ged powers in...

SuperGed wins again in 5hrs 43mins with Chris and Russell togther in second at 6hrs and 25mins.

It's been a hot, hard day in the office for the runners on a particulary twisty route from Domina to Macroom... they asked for hills, scenery and sunshine and that's exactly what we had delivered, in bucket loads.

We were impressed by Miss Consitent Claire as well as Liz and Q who did real well considering the pace and of course by Bethany who seems to improve daily as the event goes on.

Todays timings:-

Ged Moore 5:43:39
Chris Whistler 6:25:09
Russell Secker 6:25:09
Rich Bachor 6:53:38
Michelle Fookwe 7:32:31
Claire Secker 9:14:10
Bethany de Legh-Runciman 10:09:55
Quentin Somerset 13:08:20
Liz Turley 13:13:24 home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Truce at the frontline

Chris and Russell are now running together as they ran past the 20 mile point... Ged is only just ahead with Rick and Michelle close behind... They are ALL hurting today in the foothills of the Boggeragh Mountains.

More from 30 miles... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Twenty's Plenty

Well we've just been checked out by the neighbourhood watch - it's all new to these parts but they make a great cup of tea!

There won't be time for the runners to stop however as its onwards up the mountains from here for them... - The Home of ULTRArunning.
Location:Rath Cuil

Three leaders together at CP1

Ged has been kept company today by Chris and Russell... now there's a first. His thigh is very hurty right now and more from CP2 at 20 miles.

It's the mountains next! home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

M2M Ultra 2011: 80 to go...

M2M Ultra 2011: 80 to go...: At ten miles it looks like Bethany and Claire will be first of the mid starters to get here with Michelle to follow. Rick will be after them... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

80 to go...

At ten miles it looks like Bethany and Claire will be first of the mid starters to get here with Michelle to follow. Rick will be after them and looks in some pain from his bad shin.

It will be interesting to see how the GEDI is going when he gets here... apparently his heart rate was over 10 this morning (that's a joke as I know average is 72 and tuned athlete is 30-40 but please go with it! Talk about Ironman!

Best news is that we have found the tin of Quality Street. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Ged feeling the pace... Nahhh...

Hmm, GEDI says he's feeling the pace today... surely he can't be?

The second placed pack are mildly licking their lips but aren't too excited as he still has 8hrs on the them overall...He says he will warm up slowly today as his ankle and thigh are giving him some aches. He's a very modest guy so no doubt he will win again today.

The support from his family is really helping he says... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Last Day Thoughts... already

Claire talking at breakfast asked 'Where's the last days stopover?'... (much to our amusement) Her husband Russell quickly pointed out that 'If your feet get wet, you know you've gone to far'. Well you had to be there...

It's funny how the fatigue sets in on a mega-day ultra!

Body fatigue is another thing and Rick is feeling the pain today as his whole shin is really hurting... Michelle has hurty knees too which will take a real bashing on the hills today. Claire of this mid-group is probably in the best shape. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Slow Ahead - Sprint Finish

It's just SO dark as Q and Lizzie hit the road out of Dromina. Q is at MdeS last day feet knackered pace but vowing to sprint finish and Lizzie has screaming shins and a wayward gyroscope keeping her on track.

They both say that they will get there and there's only 90 miles left now between them and Mizen!

As they said on Stingray, 'Anything can happen in the next half hour' let alone 12 hours...


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Oh so quiet...

Well they all made it to Dromina on the hardest day yet of the M2M Ultra. Spare a thought in the morning as when you are just getting to work, Lizzie and Q will have been on the road for a couple of hours at least and they have yet another huge mountain to climb as we enter day 8 of this amazingly hard run thru Ireland.

More in the morning folks and we hope you have enjoyed today's coverage. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Business as Usual for Ged

He just keeps smiling and no wonder why, Ged powered his way thru to yet another yellow jersey and a win by a good 49 minutes. Chris had his best run of the M2M so far and did a 4hrs 05mins marathon along the way; he now leads Russell by 9mins 05secs.

Rick is just glad to get the day done and Claire finally beat Michelle to the tape today. Bethany just battered out the miles as she always seems to and we now await Q and Lizzie whilst it stays light.

More later... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Q at the rear

Q got a good jog on when we mentioned an early start to tomorrow... He has a good half-marathon to go before his day is over. A sub-thirteen for him would be awesome today! - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Extra miles

Rich has now got thru the 30 mile point and like Russell said that the extra miles made it real tough. He says it's really tough out on the road today - he's not far wrong there! - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Hardest Day Yet

Russell says today has been a real tough one so far... And he should know being a multiday mega marathon specialist.

He's trying to keep in sight if Chris but has resigned himself to a third place today and is just happy to fight another day. Battle lost but War not over perhaps?

Maybe but we will see eh? - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Chris on Fire!

Chris has just banged in a 4:05 marathon along the way to the 30 mile CP way ahead of Russell and Rick who looks very tired today at this point.

The strong winds have made going hard today but at least the sun has returned to our Ireland excursion to brighten the day up...

GED is not far from the finish and we expect to see the guys with Claire not long after... - The Home of ULTRArunning.


16/35 for Q

Well he's got to 16 miles and it's going to be a long day out for Q as he still has a good six hours left out on his tired old feet.

We are off to catch up the lead pack as they pass Charleville... - The Home of ULTRArunning.



We're in Bruff now at the day's halfway stage... Gedi 'The Terminator' Moore has already breezed thru and so have the second placed pack of guys who are just cruising along today. Michelle is keeping them in her sights to minimise getting off route and we are now waiting for Bethany to make it to us.

Liz and Q are very close togther and after an hour of getting kick started Q was trotting along when we caught up with him. He's already said that a 5am start is on the cards tomorrow, so it's good news that he is seeing beyond the end of the day at this stage of proceedings.

More from 28 miles... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Bethany thru 1

We passed Q at 5.6 miles who said it had been tough getting going and we passed them all up to CP1 at 11 miles.

Claire is clipping along as is Michelle in good time with the Three Amigos of Russell, Chris and Rick working as a small pack today. They remind me of the JOGLE '10 runners.

Liz is happy further back and we caught her up at the barefoot runners memorial to Tom Walsh... Don't get any ideas Liz!

The Home of ULTRArunning.


Three Amigos

Bethany, Lizzie and a slow moving Q have already set off on their 35 mile trip to Dromina.

The first 10 miles are very twisty on very minor roads before the towns of Bruff and Charleville later in the day.

Claire is next off with Michelle, who had a great day yesterday, next. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 7 - Tick!

Well today has gone really really well. Everyone has finished and finished well. Bethany had a great day out on the road and finished the day beaming, Quentin and Liz also had a long but solid days out - both are still smiling.

Rory and I have just got back from marking out tomorrow's route - we have put a whole can of spray out on the roads so let's try to have a 100% success rate on the route-finding.

Stage Results...
Ged Moore:  4:00:12
Russell Secker:  4:54:10
Chris Whistler: 5:01:52
Rick Bachor: 5:06:59
Michelle Fookwe:  5:48:39
Claire Secker: 7:28:38
Bethany De Legh-Runciman:  7:55:12
Quentin Somerset:  9:40:27
Liz Turley:  10:11:09 home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Murroe Pitch and Putt

Super Ged
We have found a friendly stopover tonight in Murroe... the owners of the Pitch and Putt, Rose and Den, have kindly offered us hookup, toilets, and even showers at the 6 Star Glenstal Abbey School, one of the top 3 schools in the whole of Ireland we are told.

Quentin and Liz are still on the road... ETA is within the hour.

Otherwise, everything is quiet on the M2M Bus... our runners have enjoyed a scenic but tough day out on the road and are taking a well-earned nap.

More when Liz and Quentin are home... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

CP2 - All Going Strong

Bethany going well...
Everyone is now through CP2.
Bethany is having her best day of the race so far with no blisters or muscle fatigue.

Liz has taken a scenic route so still had 10 left to go when we left her. Still, she is in great spirits... Q is also gonna live to start another day...
More from the finish... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

No trouble for the Gedi in getting up the big climb at 20 miles on the way to Moroe. He's just banging out the miles again today. We are waiting for Chris and tibia affected Rick to get to us. They were neck-a-neck when we saw them last. Rick saying that he has been working on his leg for a couple of days now but it does look sore still. Russell, Mr Consistent, is still running freely.

Everyone looks a little tired today and the girls are going steady with a jogging, yes jogging Q following on in my PT1000 trainers... some 3.5 sizes bigger than his normal size 8s. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Girls together

The girls are together virtually at CP1 and GED is thru. Rick struggled away from the start limping with a sore leg which seemed to ease after a couple if miles.

Ricks done a lot of running though so it's not an issue for him I'm sure. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Just Kill Me

'Top of the evening to you', and we are up with Liz and Q as they prepare to go at 5am. Liz said she would pay to be killed right now! and Q is looking for an advance on his size 11 shoes for his original size 8 feet...

Technically... They are bu99ered! but my they are strong and determined and ready for another day in the office.

Sub 13 will be a brilliant effort!


Painful for Q

Its been a very painful for Q as he kick starts his way into the day. Size 8 Kayanos have been superseded by size 11 UK Gear PT1000 which he says he wish he'd had a couple of days ago.

He's gotta dig deep now to get to Mizen and it's make or break right now for Q. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Stairway to Heaven

The early shift is already up and Q's feet are relatively good. Liz says she's feeling tired today and is now just thinking about the finish. She says her running on the event is now over.

Claire is going slightly earlier as she too is slightly slowing... The only ones not feeling the pace are Russell and Gedi who seem indestructible. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Time for an Early Night

Everyone is now safely on board the bus and getting ready for another day out on the open road. Quentin and Claire have just received their blister treatment from Doctor Secker - their feet look pretty sore but they are both still smiling!

Generous portions of fish and chips were consumed all round at lunchtime, and Ann has served up an awesome beef casserole, broccoli and potatoes tonight - a new and firm favourite...

They'll be needing the fuel tomorrow as there are some wonderful hills and scenery in store for them...

Stage Results...

Ged Moore:  3:51:13
Rick Bachor: 4:28:53
Russell Secker:  4:55:57
Chris Whistler: 5:02:00
Michelle Fookwe:  6:32:22
Claire Secker:  6:50:07
Bethany De Legh-Runciman: 8:25:42
Quentin Somerset:  9:16:50
Liz Turley:  9:53:12 home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Ged wins yet again!!!

The Wonder Boy of Mega-day Marathon running Ged Moore did another amazing run today putting in a 3:51 on today's sixth stage from Ballinahown to Borrisokane... some 29+ miles. He really doesn't look out of breath at the finish and is looking firm favourite to win the whole M2M Ultra event.

Chris struggled today and looked tight in the quads as he came into the 20 mile point. He just managed to keep ahead of Russell in the overall rankings by finishing just behind him today. Race dark-horse Rich Bachor had a great run in 4.28 to get himself in contention for 2nd or 3rd place at least.

Michelle and Claire are together and going well with Claire now minus even more of her trainers in a bid to combat Achilles problems.  Bethany, Q and Lizzie are just battling to the end now and all look certain to finish once again.

Happy days... how's your Monday been? This one's been awesome! home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Stanley out with AWESOME ACS


Poor old Stanley has been beaten by more ACS... his ankle is just the reddest we've ever seen on a race. He's dreadfully disappointed not to have finished but vows not to be beaten by The M2M Ultra. We'll be sorry to see Stanley go as will Chris Whistler his partner in crime and the marketing department at SERE Motors who will now have to go back to work instead of following the blog.

Sad day today :-( home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Anita drops out too

It's time also for Anita to say 'Enough is enough' and she stopped after 7.75 miles. She says she's ok and is now looking forward to a good lie down. She also says she feels fitter than she has done in years!

Stanley has also decided that enough is enough too and says that CP1 is his last. We'll see eh... although his right foot looks very painful indeed!

ACS has got him too. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Tony's out - Curse of the AsiCS

Today is just too bigger mountain to climb for our Tony Ellis... his shins are too painful to carry on. The dreaded Asics induced ACS has finally got him. He could if there was one day to go perhaps but as we are not quite half distance yet, it's time for him to call it a day.

It's a sad loss for the runners as we are now such a close knit group and losing him and Ade today will be a loss for us all.

Michelle is heartbroken to lose her running partner and guide... so it will be tough for her from now on. Stanley has one bad case of ACS on his right leg and is just setting off. Let's hope he gets thru the pain of the first few miles. He's just had a few tears with Tony and Ade as he started... he's an old softy really. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


There is movement and has been for sometime in Bethany's case (she gets up sooooo early) on our Sleeper Bus this morning.

Kettles on and been on lots already as people start the mornings prep to get out on the road.

The washing machine and drier helped no end last night and a clean and dry start will be nice in the rain.

It's a totally new Monday Morning experience for them all.

Keep with us today as we give you more updates and hope that the runner times are now helping you keep pace with the guys.

Morning to Brian Bracey by the way - your girls doing well... - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Goodbye to Ade

Everyone is now safely on board and (mostly) in bed. It’s been a great day with some beautiful stretches of Irish countryside and plenty of red arrows to keep our runners on track.
Tonight, Russ and Rory have been helping Quentin, Anita and Liz prepare their feet and ACS for tomorrow’s stage. Quentin, Anita and Claire have some fairly nasty blisters to cope with over the next six days.
Today was Ade’s last day of M2M. His Sartorius muscle has called it a day and he is struggling to move in a straight line (not good given tomorrow’s route - LOTS of long, very long, straight roads).
Still, a huge well done from everyone on board the bus and we will be very sad to see you go.
Stage Results…
Ged Moore:  3:43:19
Rick Bachor:  4:15:39
Chris Whistler:  4:36:10
Russell Secker:  4:42:40
Stanley Edgar:  5:19:33
Tony Ellis:  5:41:30
Michelle Fookwe:  5:41:30
Claire Secker:  5:44:28
Bethany De Legh-Runciman:  7:58:15
Quentin Somerset:  8:20:02
Ade Caroen:  8:37:54
Anita Bracey:  9:12:30
Liz Turley:  9:16:30
More tomorrow… home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Ged does 3.43 for 28.1 miles

Super Ged smashed his way to the finish today in a superb 3hrs 43minutes - an AWESOME run... considering what he's already done so far. Chris has added to six minutes to his lead over Russell with Rick having his best run to date by finally running the right route.

Stanley and Tony both struggled with ACS today but ran most of way with Michelle in tow. Claire (Miss Consistent) did 5.44 and we are now waiting for Ade, Q, Liz, Bethany and Anita.

Hopefully Ade will enjoy this last few miles of his M2MUltra, if this is going to be his last day. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Ade's Leg

We've discovered what the problem with Ade's leg is and it's 'f@cked'... he has no control over his right leg and we think he has pulled his Sartorius Muscle that helps stabilise his legs rotation. He's dead happy though as he sees getting to over 150 miles as a real life achievement and is very upbeat right now.

I did a few metres with him and he is just following the kerb, wall, pavement so he can at least make the end of the day.

Likewise Tony is struggling with ACS now of both ankles and tried very hard to stop at the 20 mile point... we've sent him back out to finish the day at least... if he goes Michelle will be heart broken. home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Ged flying at 20

Overall race leader Ged is smashing out the miles today and got to the 20 mile point in 2hrs 35mins... a good time for most in a 3.30 marathon yet alone an 11 day mega-day marathon such as the M2MUltra. Russell and Chris didn't see his heels for dust as he sped into a lovely sunny day on the way to Athlone right in the centre of Ireland.

Everyone is on top form today and the aches and pains don't hurt so much when there's no rain and the promise of a good Irish Pub at the finish in Ballinahown.

Best performance apart from Ged is coming from Anita today and she is really going for it... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

The Hows and Lighs

It's 10am and already Bethany and Ade are through CP1, and Michelle and Anita have just got here. A minor spillage on the way means our CP looks a little like a launderette but with the fresh breeze it will dry in no time:-)

Anita's 'hows and lighs' mixup made us chuckle. Rick is appearing too and hasn't got lost en route... we are praying for a detour-free finish for him today.

More later... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Easy like a Sunday morning...

Most people look forward to a bit of a lie in on a Sunday morning... Our runners don't get that luxury I'm afraid and there's signs of life as I type.

Q says his feet kept him awake and I am wondering already just how bad some of the ACS is today for some of the guys.

Ade has no dorsiflexion in his left foot which makes life harder for him.

At the end of today there's less than 200 to go, unless you're Rick and that's 220 to go and it feels that half of Ireland is on the bag as they say.

No doubt a hearty banter filled breakfast will help and good news for us is that Jimmy is going to stay with us to the end of the event... He's such a good lad to have on our crew. - The Home of ULTRArunning and The M2MUltra Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Quentin's Happy
It's dark now just outside of Longford in Central Ireland and all of the runners are nicely tucked up in bed after their 31.6 miles out on the road. It was a tough day both with the weather and with the winding road thru some of the roads in Longford. Going thru the larger towns is quite tricky in places as our runners' routes avoid the one way systems following the shortest route which means they don't see some of the road signs that help them navigate the way.

Passing some of the fast food restaurants for some was also a real challenge as they are on task to get to the finish asap...

Ged was here first in 4:31:11 and reports that his ankle is no worse than yesterday. The duelling Chris and Russell both did 5.55 but Chris dipped a two second advantage on the line. Rick had his best run day and would have been quicker if the R397 had been on his radar as would Tony and Michelle who were close behind him. All three celebrated with a physio session in Longford afterwards!

Stanley and Claire were in close together in under 7 hrs and Bethany had a much better day to finish under 9 with Anita following in 9.16. Q finished in a remarkable 9.26 considering the state of his feet and Lizzie with new man on her arm Ade brought up the rear in 9:43 both in high spirits.

Tomorrow's another day as they say and it's Day 5 of M2MUltra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace... home of The M2MUltra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

Longford beckons

We are at 22 miles and the leaders are already thru with the GEDI now well in the lead followed by Chris and Russell running together.

Michelle, Tony and Claire follow them...

The lead battle will become more interesting as the race goes on as Geds ankle holding out might be the key to the outcome of the event. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Good news for Q

We are super impressed that Q has got going and in fact is on top form at nearly 8 miles.

He's running and going well on those bad feet - So Q, keep it up mate!

With the lead group, Chris has the early pace and Ged is rear most today gently warming up his ankle we believe for a charge later on no doubt.

Anita is at CP1 right now and in good form... Ade now has Liz for company and Rich, compass willing, is on for a charge today also.

The bombproof Seckers are bombproof funnily enough... - The Home of ULTRArunning.


ACS hits town

Just as we slag off our friends at Asics, Anterior Compartment Syndrome (ACS) also hits town. Tony is suffering with this now and yes you guessed it he is wearing ASICS trainers.

He is going to buy another brand of shoe in Longford today he says. He, Michelle and Claire all jogged off nicely into the morning sun.

Leader Ged's just got up btw or GEDI as is affectionately known. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Kayano Curse

There are some very tired feet being looked at this morning and Quentin's feet are particularly sore and bruised. He's wearing the dreaded Asics Gel Kayano which has a gel pad in the sole which we have seen do a similar injury to Graham Clifford on JOGLE earlier this year.

I hope they stop making this shoe soon.

Q is such a great chap and we hope he can overcome the pain and get thru today at least. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Friday, 16 September 2011

Celebrate - Kool and the Gang

Well, with just Anita, Q and sidekick Lizzy to come in, we are all ready to celebrate not only Ged's fantastic win but also his 30th Birthday. To add to that it's the Seckers 25th Wedding Anniversary and we have a huge cake and dinner celebrations planned for tonight.

They will need it as they went to hell and back out on the road today and their inner limits were certainly tested in the hard running conditions.

Morale is high though and tomorrow's stage is not on their minds right now.

More later... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.


We wondered how long Chris would keep alongside Ged and it was about half a mile until he burned away into the distance.

Chris wasn't too far behind at the second CP and they led in the main group as they came in.

The dynamic duo of Tony and Michelle continue to run well as does Rick, Russell and Claire... We are waiting for the slower runners to appear.

More from todays finish... - The Home of ULTRArunning.



It had to happen I suppose but my word it's coming down so hard the guys are getting washed away! Bethany has been first in to the 10 mile CP.

The forecast is rain till three, so it can't get much worse!

Good news is that Jimmy is going ok and as far as the competition goes Chris is off on a charge watch out GED! - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Start Day 3

The early starters set off at 7am at a brisk walk uphill from the stopover... Sticks for most of them and some proper shoes at long last for young Jimmy. He's really learning his apprenticeship on this trip.

Lets hope a few miles will warm them all up nicely eh? - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day 2 - Results

Here is a link to today's results and overall positions... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Another day in paradise - Phil Collins

Another day in paradise… and our second day on the road in Ireland. They all finished well and in one piece. There were a couple of diversions where people missed the turns but tomorrow’s entire course is already marked with a huge amount of red arrows, all the way to the GAA Club near Corlough.
There’s only a few minor niggles to speak of and Jimmy’s leg is very painful as are Ade’s blistering feet…  and we’ve really enjoyed our stopover, literally in the middle of nowhere tonight at a remote farm just north of Enniskillen.
Tomorrow will see us travel just under 32 miles and get us through the 100 mile mark.
It’s also Geds 30th Birthday… home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

And then there were three

With just three to come at CP2 it's just a 11 mile run in from here for our runners.

Claire did a three mile detour at Victoria Bridge and came in with Stanley to us. Chris literally flew in tail up and going for it and Michelle with a 'knackered' as he put it Tony before them.

Ade, Anita and Bethany were all tired but in good spirits.

More from the finish... - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Near Drumquin

The Long Way Home

Anyway, as I was saying, the pressure is on and a few cracks are starting to show. The realisation of the task in hand focusses the mind a lot better a day in it seems.

Runners, Russell and Rich are due next with Anita from the early start. She said she was tired when we passed her and Bethany and Ade will be after that.

Miss Consistent - Claire looked good as we passed her as did Tony (who says he doesn't like running) with the pocket rocket Michelle.

Stanley and his packhorse Chris are going steadier with Q, Liz and Jimmy still hurting from yesterday at the rear.

We are all looking forward to the finish at Mary & Seamus Farm tonight. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Still middle of Nowhere

22 miles

Well the pressure is on and Ged has overtaken all the runners now and coming into our CP2. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Middle of Nowhere

Top of the Morning

This morning we have staggered our runners so Ade, Anita and Bethany started at 07:00 and are already an hour and a half into their day. The 'sunny and 16 degrees' forecast seems a tad optimistic but at least it's dry...

Jim has donned his trainers today so hopefully they'll put a spring in his step.

JLS are making Rory slightly delirious as we head to CP1..

- for more information check out

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tiger Feet - Mud

Well it's been a full on day on the road today and we've had it all really. Jimmy won't be wearing his homemade barefoot running shoes or going barefoot as he did for today from Londonderry onwards. He tells me that it's normal trainers for him from this point on. Good job too as we want to see him get there.

Ade got hit by a wasp very near to his eye which also caused some panic but other than that people are in pretty good shape. Funnily enough it's the pairing of Tony and Michelle & Quentin and  Liz that have faired the best it seems.

Ah well tomorrow's another day and we will be up bright and early to see the first group off at 6am followed hourly till the leaders get on the road at 9am. We are staying at a very quiet remote farm tomorrow so the runners will see another side of the Irish way of life.

More then and goodnight from all aboard in Magheramason. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Day 1 Finish - Bready Cricket Club

Chris Whistler
Wow, our stopover is awesome. Tonight we are staying at the state-of-the-art Bready Cricket Club. Eight are now finished for the day but the field is very spread out and we still have six runners making their way here...

Ged was the first to finish in 6 hours and 3 minutes, Michelle was the first female to finish - she ran with Tony all day in 7 hours and 26 minutes. Results so far:

Ged Moore: 6:03:06
Rick Bachor: 7:08:56
Michell Fookwe and Tony Ellis: 7:26:24
Stanley Edgar and Chris Whistler: 7:28:54

We are all tucking into Ann's spag bol and will report back when the rest of the field has finished. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Checkpoint 2

Everyone is through CP1 now and we have just passed through the field on our way to CP2. The sun is now shining and all our runners are in awe of the spectacular countryside. Stanley and Chris have taken an early lead and Stanley is happy that 'he is winning'!

We are waiting at the 19 mile point for their next refreshment stop. The good news is that we have first class facilities tonight at Bready Cricket Club with state of the art showers and a bar that opens at 7pm - that should keep them smiling:-) home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Gun - Word Up

Well they are off on their Ireland adventure and all 14 of the runners have made the start line if this, the first M2MUltra. Biggest news of the day is that firm favourite Jimmy Blissett is running in home made flip flops as he likes barefoot running so Chris Whistler who also fancies his chances at winning the Chevrolet Car first prize went to the front of the field immediately hoping to get a good advantage from using his conventional footware.

He is being shadowed by Stanley Edgar with the field already spreading out behind as we wait at the first checkpoint at 8.6 miles. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

On the Beach - Chris Rea

Well here we finally are at last at The Seaview Tavern at Slievebawn sheltering from the rain of a very blustery Tuesday afternoon at the northern most tip of Ireland... all the training has been done and so has the all the talking.

Tomorrow the action starts and the bu****it stops. At 9am it will be time for action! Let's hope it stops raining by then. Also by then people's nerves will be calmed and the first ULTRA of the event will see them start to settle into the days ahead.

It's going to be fascinating to see just how the athletes get on both with the run and with living together on the Sleeper Bus. We are now settled into the bar and looking forward to an evening of Irish hospitality. Chris plays piano so I think we are in for some tunes... as long as it's Adele songs we are ok he says... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Belfast Bound...

Belfast here we come…

‘…. She's requested it especially as she's worried about the Boy Snorers who are going to join us today.’ Ha ha ha Rory’s previous blog made me laugh – as those of you that have been lucky enough to sleep in close proximity to Rory will be fully aware that he is the biggest culprit of the lot!

We now have Michelle, Tony, Rick, Bethany and Ade safely on board the bus and are on our way to blowy Belfast to pick up the rest of our runners. Ann has sorted us out with a hearty breakfast and everyone is in great spirits. Luckily no-one seems to have been delayed by the wind so we are all set for an early arrival at our first overnight stop on board our motorhome…

More from Belfast… home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Good Morning from Dublin

Well its a very warm hello from the sleeperbus in Dublin... it's very fresh I must say and dawn is just breaking over the truck stop (how romantic) in our emerald isle temporary home. Even Michelle, a very light sleeper caught lots of Zzzzz's in her crew bunk under the stairs. She's requested it especially as she's worried about the Boy Snorers who are going to join us today.

It's a quick shower this morning and let's hope that the planes are in on time as we understand already that Belfast has been battered by strong winds. All the later ferries were cancelled yesterday so we were super lucky to get here. That's got to be an omen.

We are off to Dublin Airport shortly to start the pick up process and welcome the runners aboard. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Stormbreaker - Deep Purple

Wow, what a day and what a crossing! Talk about rough... Jenny was in pieces to say the least. The M2M ULTRA will hopefully be a lot easier than the Irish Sea was on us for our competitors. First into camp was Michelle Fookwe from South Africa who has been very much looking forward to her first trip to Ireland. Shesays she's delighted to be here with us at long last.

I must say we've already had some great banter amongst us and this is the crew's third event of this type together so it's just like old times for us.

We pick up the other 13 runners tomorrow from Dublin and Belfast before our journey up to Malin Head.

More tomorrow from the journey ... home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

My heart will go on - Celion Dion

Well the first challenge is actually just getting there it seems... We sail in two hours and the sea is very choppy right now. Luckily our ship Stenaline 'Titanic' is one that's going to sail today... we're ok though as apparently it's unsinkable and it's not Iceberg Season!

I know am booking a seat in a lifeboat and next to Kate O'Winslett for this rollercoaster ride to Dublin... Maybe the Steak and Kidney Pie and Chips will have to wait eh?

We pick up our first runner, Michelle Fookwe just before we sail, and the sleeper bus will be here very soon. Looking forward to seeing Driver Paul and Chef Anne again... The only certs to start are Stanley and Chris right now as they are already in Belfast with Chris trying out the Chevrolet Spark first prize for size no doubt...

Let's hope we see them there tomorrow! home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wind and Wuthering - Genesis

As Hurricane Katia heads towards us, we can't say that we're not worried right now about how our competitors, our Sleeperbus and we get to Ireland on Monday/Tuesday next. Hopefully it will blow over but we have Michelle coming in from South Africa, The Seckers from the USA and Rick from Canada as well as our own runners from the UK. ATM only Stanley is a dead cert to be there as he's Belfast based...

We are due to board the 1350hrs ferry to Dublin from Holyhead on Monday and Jenny is already having kittens about another 'Stormforce 10' crossing that we endured last February. At least the Sleeperbus will be there for us if we get delayed in Holyhead.

Let's pray we get to start on time eh? home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Final Countdown - Europe

At 0900hrs on 14 September, 14 intrepid runners will set off on their Irish Road Journey of a Lifetime on the M2M Ultra from Malin Head to Mizen Head. They will cover 345 miles in just 11 days, that’s an amazing 50km (31 miles) per day. 
The runners have come from all over the world to take part… Belfast businessman & Managing Director of SERE Motors, Stanley Edgar (49), will be looking to add to his list of extreme running achievements. ‘The M2M Ultra is going to be my biggest challenge yet’, he said. 
Rory Coleman, ULTRArace Director said, ‘We are looking forward to welcoming athletes from all over the world to this unique Irish Mega-Stage ULTRA-marathon’. Michelle Fookwe (South Africa) will be celebrating her birthday, and Russell Secker and his wife Claire (USA) will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary during the event.
Pre-race favourite has to be James Blissett (22) one of a new wave of young ULTRA-marathoners who has his eyes set on winning the first prize of a 1.2L Chevrolet Spark.
All of the runners are accommodated overnight on a 14 berth luxury sleeper bus which even has its own chef to make sure the runners are kept well fuelled and rested.
The route follows the shortest road route between Malin Head and Mizen Head and the athletes’ daily distances, stop-overs and route can be seen on
There’s also an event Blog where daily updates results and photographs of the runners will be posted. Which of the 14 runners has the endurance and inner strength to make the distance? Find out next week as the M2M Ultra starts in Ireland. Home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Let's get ready to rumble - PJ and Duncan

My word, it's just over a week to go until we set off to take on the Length of Ireland once again on our M2M Ultra. It seems quite apt that today The Guinness Book of Records verified Jenny's 4 days, 23 hrs, 3 mins and 10 seconds as an undisputed time for the 345 miles from Malin Head to Mizen Head. Well done Jenny!

Our 14 athlete's will be taking a different approach on the same route undertaking approximately 50kms a day for 11 days starting on the morning of Thursday 14th September. We've got runners from the world over and we have their profiles on our main website.

Over the next few days, we will add more info to this blog and during the event you will be able to follow their progress throughout the days running and eventually see who is going to win the Chevrolet Spark Car which is the Winner's prize for the quickest time in running the whole route. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

Wow, what an unbelievable week this has been. Now it’s over it seems like it went by in a flash, but at times it felt interminable. My overwhelming memory of the week is how incredible my support team were and that there is absolutely no way I could have achieved what I did without them…

Every time I took a rest they were like a well-oiled machine - a witness was waiting to sign the book, my bag was taken and filled with food, drink, painkillers and maps, the bed was ready and waiting as was Paul with his massage oil, food was placed on my lap and my Garmin and MP3 were removed and charged. Unbelievable when I look back at how slick the whole operation was. I should have felt like Lady Muck but I was just too exhausted.

Thank You doesn’t even touch the surface for the Dream Team…

I am going to write a ‘Race Report’ of the event this week while it is still fresh in my memory, but needless to say that is the toughest and most excruciating thing I have done by a country mile and thank you so much for all your lovely messages – they really helped to keep me going.

I still can’t quite believe we did it - guessing it will take a little time to sink in. For now I’m looking forward to staying dry and spending some time out with Rorz.

Thanks again to you all for your wonderful messages of support - I’ll post a link to my race report on here when it’s finished.

Jen xxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Jenny is the best 'In the world' tonight as she crossed the finish line of her 345 mile run from Ireland's Malin Head to in Mizen Head in 4days, 23hrs, 3mins and 10seconds. Her record being that of being 'The Fastest Crossing of Ireland - by foot'.

Congratulations from all of us in your team and especially from me as I think you are an amazing wonderful woman.

Bed beckons for us all now as we are all very tired and have a long drive to Dublin so we can come home tomorrow night... nothing's easy eh?'

I know Jenny will add her own comments here but It really was great to be a part of history in the making. Lou and Paul are just amazingly talented people.

More in the morning... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Greatest Day - Take That

We are watching the history books being re-written as in just 10km, Jenny will be the World Record holder for Running the length of Ireland in the quickest time.

And boy she deserved it!

More when she gets there.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

The Race - Yelo

As the countdown continues to 8 miles to go, we follow Jenny in the dark herding her to the finish...

We are just willing her on now as much as we can...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

The Final Countdown - 10 to go

Jenny is about to go into single figures... Yep there's less than 10 miles to go on this journey of a lifetime on a day she will
NEVER forget.

Her focus is relentless... And yes she is STILL running.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

4am Eternal - 13.1 miles

It's hard work, she's tired and aching but so determined right now.

The sleepmonsters are there and the fog us drawing in but she will be there in less than 5 days...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Take it to the limit - The Eagles

My word this is now mind games for Jenny as she has 16.2 miles to go and says her legs are tired... Not surprising really as she has 64 miles completed today so far.

She's still running!

We are still holding our breath here...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

19 - Paul Hardcastle

We really have begun the countdown now as it's less than a twenty miler to go for Jenny.

She's still running and still on target to finish around 4am perhaps...@

We're holding our breath...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

River Deep Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner

Jenny is now at 50 miles for the day and running hard towards Bantry. We are at the 30.1 mile point which she will pass very soon.

The aim is to get 65 in before midnight and the rest in before 5am.

It looks ok on her current schedule and we are endeavouring to keep her on a safe pace.

The Mizen Head tourism guys are coming out at whatever time we need them so we can get the record witnessed.

More from Bantry...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Where the streets have no name - U2 - 37 miles to go

We are in the back end of beyond where it would be possible for me to run around naked and not be seen by a soul (except the team and a truck load of sheep). There is some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. A wicked place to come and bring a mountain bike... that would not be ridden naked!!!!!!

Jen shortened her rest from 1 hr to 30 mins such is her mindset and determination at the moment... therefore we obligingly fueled her and kicked her back out into the wilderness.

37 miles to go... Mizen Head watch out because there is a steam train wearing a high visability vest coming your way!!!!! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Don't look back - Boston - 39.8 miles left

There's no looking back for Jenny now as she has less than 40 miles to go when she gets to us here at her first major stopover of the day where she will get an hour's well earned rest. She is experiencing some extremely hilly roads along the way coupled with some extraordinary weather of hail and bright sunshine.

She doesn't seem to be too worried though as the miles are being rattled off and she is very upbeat every time we see her. Bantry beckons where we can pick up some more supplies and prepare for the last 20 assault on Mizen Head. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars

Jenny's just arrived at the 25.7 mile point and is having a 30 minute break before getting back out on the road at 2pm. Her time running is now spent calculating when she is going to get to the finish. This is a very delicate equation with a minefield of combinations that her accounting skills are helping with no-end I am sure - all that hard work for your accountancy exams was for this day Jenny!

Let's she how she is at 36 miles... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

If you wanted to know where we have been, we've been in radio silence around Banteer... not even a couple of tin cans and string work in those parts, I can tell you. Luckily for us, normal service has been resumed in a farmer's yard near a big 3G mast on the way to Macroom.

I will keep you posted and please don't Bookface me saying that you want an update as that slows my pathetic Vodaphone dongle down and fills my inbox even more. We want you to be part of this with us...

Anyway, back to business and we are waiting at the 69.8 mile point for Jenny who is running really well this morning. She was thru Banteer the last time we saw her. If you want to see where she is going, try the maps on our M2M page with the links for the maps that we are using for the September event. Otherwise just put Banteer and Mizen Head into Google and it will give you the route.

With all that explained you are back in the loop. Paul has just prodden in a huge cowpat btw and is currently cleaning it, hopefully not with his toothbrush!

More when Jenny gets here as it's coffee time here for us. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Greatest Day - Take That

The morning is here - today Jenny is going to get that Guinness World Record! We are playing Greatest Day as Paul works in her tired feet in preparation for the 7am start.

There's 80 miles left...

We are in 'The Middle of Nowhere'... And if anyone ever says to you that somewhere is 'in the middle of nowhere, it isn't... As we are! It was so dark last night!

Please stay with us today and we'll keep you posted.

- - home of Ireland M2M ULTRA.

Goodnight Girl - Wet Wet Wet

Phew... Jenny's finished for this long session to complete the days mileage. I was really relieved as the roads have new tarmac and it was extremely slippery in places.

Paul is now working on her until 0245hrs then it's bed up at 0600hrs and off at 0700hrs we are hoping.

Then it's a long hard slog to the finish... What a day! And hope you are back with us tomorrow. Jenny says thanks for ALL your good luck wishes.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Night Games - Rainbow

This has to be the darkest most remote part of Ireland we are in right now. We are up in front making sure that Jenny accompanied by Lou on the bike take the right route.

Currently - Ordnance Survey, Tom Tom and iPhone are keeping us on the straight and narrow. To make matters worse - Rod Bloody Stewart has just piped up on the only radio station alive! Never was a big fan...

Anyway, SuperJen is just about done fir the day and there's not much point running her into the night any further. She needs some well earned sleep and rest...

More when we stop... A good lay-by and we'll all be happy for some zzzz's.

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Black Night - Deep Purple

Couldn't get her going in Kilmalloch, couldn't stop her through Dromina... the rollercoaster of mind over matter is now really becoming noticed. She's actually better on her own as when she is, there are no distractions and she gets on with the job in hand, brilliantly.

I can't tell you how hard it is to drive on when it's tough and there's tears flowing. It's very hard to watch.

Best bit is the team all know what they have to do to keep her moving and if Ferrari are looking for new pit crew, we are available... Although not for another day eh?

Lou is going on this stretch with her as it's pitch black and they can banter the miles away.

We are stopping in Kanturk, for a short stopover till the morning. More from there...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Cruel to be kind - Dave Edmunds

WOW!!!!! what a day Jen has had. This morning she was doing her best impression of the tin man, I have seen ironing boards that are more flexible and agile...but with a little bit of TLC she was straight off into her stride.

There has been some stunning scenery to break the monotony for her today, with a fair number of hills to keep her occupied.

Jen had a bit of a stutter around 44 miles...but with a bit of tough love, and a radio interview she was evicted from mission control back out onto the streets.

We caught up with her flying along the route.....that will be the drugs then...they are great things(don't worry Jen's Mum and Dad... I hear the Priory have very good reputation).

We are currently sat at the 60 mile point for today waiting for her to arrive for some hot food, a massage(Paul has his big stick out) and a quick snooze before one more stint tonight to get her out to 70 miles completed today.

Currently she has only got 86.4 miles left before she completes this most amazing adventure having already done 263 miles.

When I completed the 2009 MdS I had One moment in time-Whitney Houston playing on my ipod(no giggling now) and the poignant line that sticks with me is :"when I'm all that I thought I could be..." At the end of running tomorrow we all know Jen will be saying that at that moment in time she is all she can be....a world record holder, and our hero. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Mind Games - Foreigner

With just 101 miles to go - the countdown to the finish has started along with the mind games that she has to go thru to get this last part of the record in the bag. She's got 44.5 miles in today and we've set her 50 miles as a target to the next feed/sleep/massage/ sort out the monster blister in the pic break.

Anyone who has done this type of run will know that the 42-44 mile point seems to be a real wall to get thru and it's really easy to faff and waste valuable time. This part of the day is the hardest for her it seems.

It's our job now to keep Jenny's focus for her, as it's best for her to cover as much as she can in the daylight as darkness is her biggest threat to motivation.

We'll keep blogging just as long as she's running tonight so don't go anywhere... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Sleepwalk - ULTRAvox

Jenny did 10 miles with Lou until the food and pain wheels fell off and she needed a good rest and refuelling. Paul worked on her, to great effect as she said it was the best butt massage EVER! (I have taken note!)... and after a good half hour sleep she is back out on the road running.

We are now looking closely at the strategy for the rest of the record as where she rested it was 112 miles to Mizen Head. More of that correlation at the next stop.

Hey - Maybe we should have a sweepstake on what time people think she will finish?

Winner gets a free entry into an ULTRArace one day event of their choice! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Steam - Peter Gabriel

A 10 minute power nap at 22 miles did the trick for Jenny... she came into us looking strong but saying she was very tired. So we combined this with a food stop on the move back out on the road from us with Jenny eating Tuna and Pasta as she went off accompanied by Lou on her bike.

Paul and I have moved on to Bruff at 35 miles and are parked under the biggest 3G reflector in Ireland... let's see if our Vodafone dongle can see that one eh? I am looking to buy it a Guide Dog the coverage is so bad :-(

Anyway, this is the 240th mile which means she will soon be running with less than 100 miles to go, sounds easy doesn't it but it's going to be energy to keep going versus sleep needed.

She has her own thoughts on what she wants to do and we are going to support her all the way into Mizen. I do know it's going to be a very, very late night so I hope you will keep following her progress.

More when she's been into us here... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Here comes the Sun - The Beatles

We are currently waiting for Jenny, who is thru Morroe and on her way to us at 22 miles precisely. The route twisted and turned for the last couple of miles but she is making good speed and follows the route marking we do excellently.

Getting here she will have just over 120 to go...

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

We passed Jenny at the 5 mile point today, merrily running along - not bad for her first hour of the day. She has a 1:8 hill to negotiate before she gets to us at the 11 mile point.

This Lady is not for stopping and she is looking to run right thru the day. She says she can cope with the running, it's the morning rigamortis that she dreads. Let's hope there's only one more start like the one we had today to overcome. It was overwhelming to watch as Paul kick started her this morning... Her whole mindset changed in less than an hour. She really wants this record!

The best lift for her was looking at the map and seeing just how far she has come...

Mary and Sir Michael, be very proud of your Jenny - she's such an inspiration and made of Pure Welsh Steel. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Solid as a Rock - Ashford

Good morning from Nenagh where Jenny's body has been transformed in an hour
from can't move - won't move into 'I am looking forward to getting going now'. Thank heavens we have Paul White with us here on this journey. He has magic fingers and we LOVE him.

Jenny is just setting off and doing her last 5 minutes of faffing...

All systems are go and we are trying to tempt her with some food... a couple of 9bars is all we can tempt her with.

More from 10 miles - oh? the weather - guess what it's pi55ing down...again! home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Beautiful People - Chris Brown

It was 2312hrs when Super Jenny arrived at Tesco in Nenagh to finish her 61.55 mile day out on the road.

That gives her a massive 201 miles completed so far...

She's tired and in need of some sleep now as it's been one heck of a journey into the finish tonight. I know I have gone on about the weather but it really has been the biggest battle, it's been such a shocker. It's a shame as she is such a sun lover and a heatwave would suit her no end! Please let's have an easier day tomorrow.

We are now battening down the hatches and are going to go to bed too.

Hope you have enjoyed the coverage today and will be back with us at an optimistic 0600hrs start in the morning. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Silent Running - Mike and the Mechanics

It's been a busier one for us than Jenny for the last two hours as our passenger door window wouldn't go back up again! Luckily for us Seamus Lillis came to our salvation and managed to get the window back up again. It only took 4 houses, 3 people and a phone call to find him... but in Borrisokane, everyone knows everyone... that we found out.

Oh Jenny? Well she's just cracking along and due to some fantastic hospitality from Cath McCarthy at the 24hr TESCO Superstore in Nenagh, we have power and a place to stay until the morning in.

Our Jenny's tired but so determined and we expect her here at 2330hrs to get 61.7 miles in for the day.

More when she arrives... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Better the devil you know - Kylie Minogue

A huge thank you to Richard Donovan(the current men's record holder) for taking time out to come and see Jen and run alongside her for 23 miles....23 long, straight boring miles, which he knows well having done this twice. I think the chat and company was a welcome break from the monotony of the also meant that it was not only Jen who was being drenched by Ireland's version of summer!!!!!! well....there was no way that Rory was exiting the motor home, we had enough trouble getting him out to fill the home with fuel....pussy.

Whilst waiting for Jen to arrive for her scheduled meal break, Rory took some time out to do an impression of a corpse, whilst Paul and I looked on in horror at the woman who tried to park her Skoda into a bush at 70mph (yes I'm using mph....none of this EU km tripe.

Jen is in good spirits, has been fed and watered and looks as though the has smoked a spliff the size of Ireland...but don't worry, that is just the pain killers...we are reserving the spliff for the finish!!!!

16 miles to go until we reach todays target. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.