Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Good Morning from Dublin

Well its a very warm hello from the sleeperbus in Dublin... it's very fresh I must say and dawn is just breaking over the truck stop (how romantic) in our emerald isle temporary home. Even Michelle, a very light sleeper caught lots of Zzzzz's in her crew bunk under the stairs. She's requested it especially as she's worried about the Boy Snorers who are going to join us today.

It's a quick shower this morning and let's hope that the planes are in on time as we understand already that Belfast has been battered by strong winds. All the later ferries were cancelled yesterday so we were super lucky to get here. That's got to be an omen.

We are off to Dublin Airport shortly to start the pick up process and welcome the runners aboard.

www.ultrarace.co.uk home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

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