Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wind and Wuthering - Genesis

As Hurricane Katia heads towards us, we can't say that we're not worried right now about how our competitors, our Sleeperbus and we get to Ireland on Monday/Tuesday next. Hopefully it will blow over but we have Michelle coming in from South Africa, The Seckers from the USA and Rick from Canada as well as our own runners from the UK. ATM only Stanley is a dead cert to be there as he's Belfast based...

We are due to board the 1350hrs ferry to Dublin from Holyhead on Monday and Jenny is already having kittens about another 'Stormforce 10' crossing that we endured last February. At least the Sleeperbus will be there for us if we get delayed in Holyhead.

Let's pray we get to start on time eh? home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

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