Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 1 Finish - Bready Cricket Club

Chris Whistler
Wow, our stopover is awesome. Tonight we are staying at the state-of-the-art Bready Cricket Club. Eight are now finished for the day but the field is very spread out and we still have six runners making their way here...

Ged was the first to finish in 6 hours and 3 minutes, Michelle was the first female to finish - she ran with Tony all day in 7 hours and 26 minutes. Results so far:

Ged Moore: 6:03:06
Rick Bachor: 7:08:56
Michell Fookwe and Tony Ellis: 7:26:24
Stanley Edgar and Chris Whistler: 7:28:54

We are all tucking into Ann's spag bol and will report back when the rest of the field has finished. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.


  1. Good luck everyone. Well done GEd. Say hello to Ireland for us.

  2. Hi Ged well done we are all so proud of you the kids are telling the whole school lol. Have a great 30th birthday tomorrow we love you John Nic Max & Phoebe xxxxx