Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tiger Feet - Mud

Well it's been a full on day on the road today and we've had it all really. Jimmy won't be wearing his homemade barefoot running shoes or going barefoot as he did for today from Londonderry onwards. He tells me that it's normal trainers for him from this point on. Good job too as we want to see him get there.

Ade got hit by a wasp very near to his eye which also caused some panic but other than that people are in pretty good shape. Funnily enough it's the pairing of Tony and Michelle & Quentin and  Liz that have faired the best it seems.

Ah well tomorrow's another day and we will be up bright and early to see the first group off at 6am followed hourly till the leaders get on the road at 9am. We are staying at a very quiet remote farm tomorrow so the runners will see another side of the Irish way of life.

More then and goodnight from all aboard in Magheramason. home of Ireland's M2M Ultra.

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  1. Message to Rick from his gals back home in Canada ...
    We're watching your progress daily and thinking of you as enjoy the beauty of Ireland (in a way not many would choose to travel it!). It's quite the endeavour you and your running mates are undertaking - we wish everyone the very best for a good & safe run each day.
    On a personal note - Rick, I can't wait until you're home and we have our training schedule back. Your evil spawn, Lori, seems to have a few nasty training tips up her sleeve! And yes - I swear at her too!
    Big hugs from your "gals in training" ...
    Heather, Lori (& Marie all the way from Ecuador!)