Sunday, 18 September 2011

Goodbye to Ade

Everyone is now safely on board and (mostly) in bed. It’s been a great day with some beautiful stretches of Irish countryside and plenty of red arrows to keep our runners on track.
Tonight, Russ and Rory have been helping Quentin, Anita and Liz prepare their feet and ACS for tomorrow’s stage. Quentin, Anita and Claire have some fairly nasty blisters to cope with over the next six days.
Today was Ade’s last day of M2M. His Sartorius muscle has called it a day and he is struggling to move in a straight line (not good given tomorrow’s route - LOTS of long, very long, straight roads).
Still, a huge well done from everyone on board the bus and we will be very sad to see you go.
Stage Results…
Ged Moore:  3:43:19
Rick Bachor:  4:15:39
Chris Whistler:  4:36:10
Russell Secker:  4:42:40
Stanley Edgar:  5:19:33
Tony Ellis:  5:41:30
Michelle Fookwe:  5:41:30
Claire Secker:  5:44:28
Bethany De Legh-Runciman:  7:58:15
Quentin Somerset:  8:20:02
Ade Caroen:  8:37:54
Anita Bracey:  9:12:30
Liz Turley:  9:16:30
More tomorrow… home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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