Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Steam - Peter Gabriel

A 10 minute power nap at 22 miles did the trick for Jenny... she came into us looking strong but saying she was very tired. So we combined this with a food stop on the move back out on the road from us with Jenny eating Tuna and Pasta as she went off accompanied by Lou on her bike.

Paul and I have moved on to Bruff at 35 miles and are parked under the biggest 3G reflector in Ireland... let's see if our Vodafone dongle can see that one eh? I am looking to buy it a Guide Dog the coverage is so bad :-(

Anyway, this is the 240th mile which means she will soon be running with less than 100 miles to go, sounds easy doesn't it but it's going to be energy to keep going versus sleep needed.

She has her own thoughts on what she wants to do and we are going to support her all the way into Mizen. I do know it's going to be a very, very late night so I hope you will keep following her progress.

More when she's been into us here... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

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