Saturday, 4 June 2011

Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne

Well we’ve finally got to Malin Head and we are now ready to do ‘Battle with the Tarmac’ tomorrow at 5am. I must say that the drive from Dublin to Malin seemed an awfully long way and full of very slow drivers in some cases, so much so that we actually called ‘Mr C’s Catering’ who was towing at a shockingly slow speed to ask just how far down the N2 he was going as we looked like never reaching Derry at one stage.
We are, of course, seasoned motorhome experts now and can empty, fill, charge, cook and heat most things aboard our mobile stately home. The Seaview Tavern however beckons for one last major fill up tonight before Jenny sets off tomorrow.
Luckily local Mayor, Michael Grant, has agreed to start her off and we’ll be there to film and photograph all the action as it happens… right now she is having one last body massage from Paul to get her in peak condition for tomorrow.

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