Sunday, 16 September 2012

Day 5 - Finish

Well all three runners are now home safe at the end of Day 5. They had to encounter some heavy rain through the last section but there are showers tonight so everyone is in high spirits other than obviously the fact that Craig has finished his M2M journey today.

Jenni, Cathal and Anneke were first back in 4:46... Half an hour later Vicky finished in 6:12...

Vicky's right shin is swelling up a bit and feeling sore but nothing that will stop her she is a very determined lady:-) She now has her legs soaking in a cold bucket of water... I thought I could hear Rocky panting on the bus but it was Vicky feeling the cold as she dipped her feet!!

We then have homemade cake and tea from Ann, hot showers and even a washing machine tonight... the excitement:-)

Ballinahown, our stop this evening, is the home town of Mark Rohan - double gold paralympic champion. There are signs and flags EVERYWHERE it's awesome!

All in all, very inspiring stuff... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


  1. swollen shins? Geez..if you were a Premiership Football player you'd have been stretchered off by now and sidelined for a week! Inspiring stuff indeed. Enjoy the cake and the flags! Steve

  2. Hope your shins are ok vicky,and that you all enjoyed the cake and you all deserve it!
    sending thoughts from drizzly Cardiff.

  3. Just watching the Great North Run made me feel tired. Had to have a wee nap after. Dare to think what u lot are feeling like after each day of running.

    Oh well, almost half way through. Keep it up :)