Sunday, 16 September 2012

Easy like a Sunday Morning...

Well if you are off on a long Sunday run this morning... think about our runners bashing in another 28.1 miles today as they will go on to make the 161 mile mark in Ballinahown. It's raining here in Longford of course and we've had a very leisurely start to the day complete with fry-up courtesy of Ann.

Spirits are high as Craig is out of the 'Shin Doldrums' and is in a far more positive mood than yesterday. Vicky's breakfast of Bacon, Egg and Pills (see photo) was the source of great amusement this morning... We reckon she is going to rattle her way to Mizen. If you can work out what all the pills are in the photo, there's a prize of a rather wet King Charles Spaniel to the winner...

As I write Cathal is still in his pre-faff stage and super organised Jenni (neatest bed on the bus) is checking out her route with partner Anneke.

Everyone is looking forward to an easy day out on the road and the shorter distance will make it feel a lot easier for all we hope.

More from CP 1... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


  1. Doing great Craig, keep those feet moving forward. All the folks at EAH willing you on!

  2. well...I KNOW what all those pills are for (we're gonna market them!)but I'll pass on the wet dog! I heard from Vicky that Craig has had to pull out a little while back; what a shame, I'd gotten to know a lot about you since the start and I know you kept Vicky pointing in the right direction! My sore toe while out on my long run(misnomer really compared with you lot!)had me musing how I'd continue past ten miles. Pass the pain killers! Good luck to the rest of you. Steve