Friday, 21 September 2012

News from Day 10

Where to start?!

Well whilst we have been out of reception there has plenty to report about J Firstly, Anneke the Birthday Girl is having an awesome day out in Ireland’s stunning, if a little mountainous, countryside. She gave us all a brandy flavoured chocolate bar before setting out this morning and she is riding a balloon decaled bike complete with gigantic Birthday Girl badge… all very fetching!
Next – Vicky… we have just passed her at the 19.5 mile point and she is MUCH chirpier than yesterday. Unfortunately there is a wet drizzle in the air now so the views aren’t quite as phenomenal as they could be, and the sea is blurred from sight, but that is not marring the spirits of any of our runners today.

Cathal – well he is having a slightly harder time of things today with his ACS feeling quite painful on the downhills (lucky there is a lot of uphill today!). He hasn’t been running with Jenni today as he has been forced to slow down his pace. Nonetheless he is still very positive and relishing the fact that he is now over halfway through the day…
And last but not least there is the lovely Jenni… she looks fresh as a daisy today and the only thing that is dampening her spirits is the fact that she isn’t running with Cathal… she feels really bad for running on ahead. So much so in fact that she has just started running backwards to find Cathal so she can finish the rest of the trip with him. What a truly lovely lady she is…

So in summary, everyone is G-R-E-A-T, now we just need to get hold of the nice young man who is letting us use his GAA Club for our stopover this evening!!! home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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