Friday, 21 September 2012

See the Sea!

Well it's taken over 9.5 days but we have finally caught our first sight of the sea! It's quite a feeling I can tell you and it brings back memories of my GWR run last year...

We have just given our runners their 3rd CP of the day. Anneke arrived first where Rory showed her the Kealkill Stone Circle (see pic!)...

Next were Jenni and Cathal who came through together followed by Vicky just 5 minutes later. So Vicky got a whole 10 miles further than yesterday before the others reached her... with only 12.4 miles to go the end is now very clearly in sight for all of them:-)

The final CP of the day is in 6 miles time and then we are all looking forward to putting our feet up after a rather long day (I can hear Rocky snoring in the back!)... showers are sorted, now we just need to find some electricity...;-)

By the way, please support Mimi Anderson who will be going for the Guinness World Record on this route, starting tomorrow morning... hopefully our route marking will help;-) From all of us at ULTRArace, GOOD LUCK:-)) home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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  1. only!!12.4 miles to go...that'll be my LONG run tomorrow! This challenge puts it into perspective! Steve