Friday, 21 September 2012

Anneke, Jenni and Cathal are nearly home

Well we had a slight delay getting to our runners for the final CP as we had to track down somewhere to stay for the night. We are plugged in at the wonderful Sheeps Head pub where they have been wonderfully helpful (thanks a million Pat)... so we will be going for a well earned beer there later on...

The delay meant the first 3 were only a couple of miles from the finish so didn't want to stop... Rory is currently walking through Bantry with Vicky where I will pick him up the other side. She has 7 miles to go to our stop tonight, so an eta of around 18:30. Much more sociable than the late one last night...

More soon... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.

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