Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dig in Craig - The Shins are Killing...

Craig said he was ok till he looked down and saw his shins a couple of miles back... On inspection at the first CP, they are looking pretty angry right now and are pretty pink and showing signs of swelling.

Worse than that for him, he has now lost his running partner as like the top bloke he is, he's told Vicky to carry on running ahead as he doesn't want her race to suffer even though she offered to stay with him to help him out.

That's M2M camaraderie for you, as these two have already been thru a lot together already...

The more worrying fact now is that Vicky is off running on a completely straight road with a road map in her hand - on her own... Yikes! She would freely admit to having a terrible sense of direction and has been lost a couple of times on the bus... so who knows what will happen or where she will get to in the next hour or two!!!

We'll keep you posted after the next two are thru CP2 on Craig's ankles... OMG it's all happening this morning... home of The M2M Ultra - Ireland's Toughest Footrace.


  1. Great spirit everyone .... it's tough but well worth it when you see that purple bus at the end of each day !

  2. If that were me doing this run it would be seriously "purple haze"...dunno how you all keep going..a bunch of stars. Steve